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    Depression, anxiety, grief, or stress can feel like inescapable weights or burdens. Worrying thoughts seem to take control of your life ..."What if?"   Depression robs you of your energy, your motivation, your ability to enjoy life or care for yourself and loved ones. Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness therapies have been proven as helpful for these difficult, painful feelings.   You can learn tools to feel better.  In counseling, I can show you how, supporting you along the way, step by manageable step.

   Has your relationship suffered?  Have you begun to take each other for granted, or drifted apart?  Do you find your arguments are leaving you feeling hurt, misunderstood, or even worse off than if you hadn’t talked at all?  Do the stresses of work or parenting leave you feeling exhausted with no time left over for yourself or your partner?

   Couples counseling can help you improve your relationship.  Don't delay counseling - as with many things, the longer the issues continue, the more they grow or become habit.

   If you are dedicated to healing your relationship, I can help you improve communication, build mutual respect, deepen understanding, closeness, and trust. 


Domestic Violence

    If you are experiencing domestic violence, individual counseling is recommended for you and your partner. National Domestic Violence Hotline 1. 800. 799. 7233

Suicide Prevention National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988

    If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, call 911 right away. They are trained to help you with this kind of emergency 24 hours a day.  They can help you figure out the next steps to be safe. 

   A private practice such as mine is not the appropriate level of care for you if you are having severe depression and/or suicidal thoughts.  Please speak with your physician or insurance provider for treatment referrals. 

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