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My Approach  

     With 15 + years of experience counseling individuals and couples, I  can help you chose  positive, constructive ways

  • to think positively

  • understand your emotions

  • to respond positively

  • to communicate

  • grow closer

  • to take care of yourself

  • to take care of your relationships

  • to set limits

  • to parent your children

which will bring you the kind of life changes you are coming to counseling for.  My role as a psychotherapist is to help you discover what you are doing in life, and in your relationships, that is working for you, and what is not. We build on the positive, and find new healthy ways to replace what isn't serving you anymore.

     While no counselor can make a guarantee, you know that if you keep doing things the same way, things will probably stay the same.

   I use tools from the proven, research based psychotherapies of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. I am also trained in Brainspotting and offer this modality in my practice.

   In Couple's Counseling I use Family Systems, Gottman Method and Emotional Focus Therapy. I will teach you these tools and help you put them into practice.  Some clients may benefit from working on relationships and experiences from their past.  I can guide you and help you with that work.  Some people don’t want to go back through the past, and we can begin with what is going on right here, right now.

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