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Jamie Merrill, LMFT

5655 Lindero Cyn Road, Suite 621, Westlake Village 91362

805. 601. 6100



  At this time, I have both online and in-person appointments for individual and couples therapy.

  Experienced, compassionate psychotherapist in            Westlake Village, California

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 20+ years using CBT and Mindfulness

  • Trained in Brainspotting

  • Counseling for adults and couples

  • B.A. in Psychology, UCLA

  • M.S. in Counseling Psychology, USC  


  What you do today can improve

all your tomorrows. 

                                                                Ralph Marston

   I welcome All Races, All Religions, All Sexual Orientations,
  All Gender Identities and Expressions, All Countries of Origin,
  All Abilities, All Ethnicities, All Bodies, All People.

 Welcome.  Are you looking for help with your relationship, stress, anxiety or depression?  Please call (805) 601- 6100 to schedule a free phone consultation on how we may work together towards taking control, feeling better and improving your relationships. 

    With a caring and practical approach, I work with adults with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, or family and relationship issues. I use  proven, evidence-based tools to help you manage these feelings and begin to feel better quickly. 

    I have a passion for helping couples learn how to improve communication and build a stronger, happier relationship. I also counsel parents with the challenges of raising children  while still taking care of yourself and your relationship. 

    I also have specialized training and personal experience in managing chronic illness and grief.  If you have lost a loved one, I can help you find the way again, to breathe, to remember them in joy.

   I look forward to speaking with you.  Call for your free phone consultation.  You deserve to feel better, you can feel better!    





    Depression, anxiety, grief, or stress can feel like inescapable weights or burdens.  Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness therapies have been demonstrated to be helpful for these difficult, painful feelings.

    You can learn tools to feel better. In counseling I can show you how to do this, supporting you along the way, step by manageable step. 

Love can grow, heal, deepen.

Has your relationship suffered?  Do your arguments leave you feeling hurt, misunderstood, or even worse off than if you hadn’t talked at all?  Is their distance between you and you don't know how to get back to the closeness you once had?  Do the stresses of work or parenting leave you exhausted with no time left over for your partner?

    In Couples counseling, I can help you enhance and improve your relationship.  We will look at the patterns which increase your understanding and closeness, and those which are undermining your relationship.  We will work together towards improved communication, closeness, mutual respect, deepened understanding, trust, and intimacy. 

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